Working For A Generous King

Story-Form Discipleship

Preached by: Pastor Jeremiah Vaught | 08/13/23

Scripture/Text: ; Scripture/Text: Matthew 20:1-16; We learn at a very young age the slogan "life isn't fair" is absolutely true. What is harder for us to wrap our minds around is when the Bible seems to present God as unfair. Jesus tells a famous parable about workers who get equal pay, even though some work way longer than others. It intentionally provokes our sense of justice, and we don't know what to do with a parable about a Kingdom and thus a King like this. Join us this Sunday to experience how this parable of Jesus not only challenges our notions of fairness, but invites us to delight in a generous King. More importantly, see how this parable relates to how that same King's generosity is given because life was truly unfair to Him.