Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Genesis: Ordering Chaos

Preached by: Pastor Jeremiah Vaught | 01/30/22

God has made and reiterated incredible promises that Abram will be father to a great nation who will bless the world. In faith, Abram has grown in courage and righteousness. This week, we see Abram take a step backward. Ten years in the land of Canaan leaves both Abram and his wife Sarai with an itch to move God's plan along, according to their own schemes. Their plan brings another round of chaos. God will once again resolve the crisis, though temporarily. This story shows us that Tom Petty and others are correct in singing, "Waiting is the hardest part." In fact, when God makes promises, one of the lessons we must learn is how to wait on God to accomplish His words. Join us this Sunday for understanding on what waiting on the Lord entails and encouragement in patience for God to accomplish his word.