The Resurrection Story, Satisfying Philosophy, and True Spirituality


Preached by: Pastor Jeremiah Vaught | 04/17/22

Scripture/Text: ; We are in the midst of a global crisis. We are either coming out of, or are still in the midst of a pandemic. The cost of living is skyrocketing. And World War III, not to mention the possibility of nuclear conflict, remains on the table in the short-term future. In the midst of such alarming changes, the philosophies and spiritualities many embrace in Chicago are vulnerable. Our collective suffering and anxiety will cause many to reconsider the stories that shape core concepts for how to live (philosophies), and challenge our understanding of what is unseen (spirituality). Christians of various stripes must consider how much our central story (Resurrection) shapes our lives. Join us, then, on Easter to find out why the Resurrection story alone is able to give us a satisfying life philosophy and true spirituality. As a church, we need to be prepared for how our shared suffering opens opportunities to share Jesus' love with our neighbors. Bring a friend on Sunday and be ready to go back to the core of the Christian philosophy and spirituality: the resurrection of Christ.