The Justice of God

Knowing God By Seeing Jesus

Preached by: Pastor Steve Johnson | 07/18/21

We use the word justice for what’s “right” or what’s “as it should be.” Which is why we often see the attributes of God’s justice, and God’s righteousness used the same way in the Bible. All that God does is both just and right. God is Justice. You may wonder, is it just that God would condemn us eternally? Well, when God repeatedly invites us to come to faith in Jesus, and we repeatedly refuse his invitations, his justice in condemning us is seen much more clearly. If we fail to see it now, we won’t on the Day of Judgment when every mouth will be silenced. So, are you a sheep or a goat (Matthew 25.31-46)? Is heaven or hell in your future? You chose. But Justice is as Justice does. And justice will be done. On the day The justice of God is administered, all will be as all should be.