Genesis: Ordering Chaos

Preached by: Pastor Steve Johnson | 10/10/21

What gets you to reminiscing about “good old days”? Maybe childhood photographs? Your first middle school crush? High school - or college? How about your wedding day? Maybe all it takes is remembering what life was like before COVID. Reminiscing about places we can’t go back to feels good, but it's often an exercise that's full of both longing and empty of hope. Through Genesis 2.4-25 we get to reminisce about the “good old days” in our original home, the Garden of Eden. And even though there's still a sense of longing deep in our souls, the exercise is not without hope. In fact, reminiscing about our lost home fills us with anticipation and hope for our home to come in the new creation. It is this hope that helps us to deal with anxieties we may face in the present.