God's Surprising, Confrontational Grace

Genesis: Ordering Chaos

Preached by: Pastor Jeremiah Vaught | 07/31/22

Scripture/Text: ; Scripture/Text: Genesis 38; We typically assume we are better than others. It is our default setting for viewing our own life story. The Bible, however, has a way of upending that mode of operation. In Genesis 38, God reveals to Judah, ancestor of David and Jesus, his unrighteousness through the precarious position of Tamar due to his wicked choices (Genesis 38:26). As Judah is gracefully confronted with the ramifications of his actions, we are encouraged to consider how we might be blind to our own evil and the chaos it brings. More importantly, we are encouraged to see God's incredible patience with us. In seeing God's patience, our impatience with others is also undermined. To see these connections in one of Genesis' more uncomfortable stories, join us on Sunday.