January 16, 2022

God’s Blessings Or Worldly Power?

Passage: Genesis 14

Genesis 14 introduces us to one of Scriptures' most mysterious characters, Melchizedek. Along the way, it shows us the dangers of trusting in human strength. In contrast to the kings of his day, Abram wins in battle not through dubious political alliances, but by trusting in God. Still, Abram remains a man in need of God's intervention, and receives blessing through God's chosen person. Abram shows the ability to distinguish between God's blessings and the guise of worldly power. By God's grace, his story will help us discern whether we are trusting in the blessings God offers, or trusting in the faltering strength our world offers. Importantly, it should also help us discern if we are offering the world God's blessings rather than some cheap imitation.