Finding God Outside The Comfort Zone

Genesis: Ordering Chaos

Preached by: Pastor Jeremiah Vaught | 05/08/22

Scripture/Text: ; Most of us want to be comfortable, and some have even grown to expect ease. The last few years have led to a great deal of discomfort. Experiences of discomfort like ours often lead to frustration and disappointment. But what if we learned to expect God to meet us when we are taken out of what is safe and easy? This Sunday's scripture focuses on Jacob, God's chosen man, fleeing from home and his bloodthirsty brother Esau. It is precisely in Jacob's discomfort that God invites him to deeper trust and knowledge. This isn't the only example in scripture of God meeting and preparing people in a "wilderness." To find out how Jacob's story leads us to expect God to meet us when we are far from our comforts, join us this Sunday!