A Star is Born

Genesis: Ordering Chaos

Preached by: Pastor Steve Johnson | 03/13/22

The appointed time for the child of promise has finally arrived. Isaac, the first of Abraham’s “as many as the stars of the sky” children is finally born. Abraham’s wife Sarah is filled with joy. But tension enters the family when Ishmael, Abraham’s son through Hagar, mocks Isaac. Ishmael and Hagar are sent away to wander in the wilderness. When they run out of food and water, God rescues them just in time. There are few people today who are untouched in some way by “blended families”. To talk about first wife, second wife, step parents and step-children is not uncommon. When conflict arises, there’s talk about “your kids,” “my kids,”, “our kids”, leaving many feeling forsaken. That’s Genesis 21. An old story with a modern ring to it. But whether we’re feeling joy of being in the family, the sorrow of being forsaken, or concerned about where we’ll live in the future, God’s Sovereign Control is a grace that falls upon everyone.