Zephaniah 2-3, Psalm 117


Yesterday I reflected on the difficulty of reconciling Zephaniah's warnings that God would destroy all the inhabitants off the earth with other scriptural promises of a remnant God would spare. Today, Zephaniah resolves this question himself. First Zephaniah describes how God will judge Cush, Philistia, and Assyria with great devastation. Then the Lord promises to do the same to Israel. So far, so bad, at least for the nations God will destroy. Still, what hope is there for the world? God answers by promising to “gather you” and “bring home” remnant “exiles” and “lame” that have proven faithful from amongst Israel. Zephaniah resolves our questions internally. Like in the days of Noah, God will judge the whole earth in cataclysmic fashion, but those who have remained true to God will be rescued. Not only will God rescue those that have proven true from Israel, the Lord will “take great delight in you;  n his love he will no longer rebuke you,but will rejoice over you with singing.” Can you imagine a world where the One who gave the morning stars songs, fills creation with a song for us? Such is the grand promise of God's restoration for those that remain true.