Zechariah 1-2, Psalm 120


Zechariah, like Haggai, writes during the life of Darius king of Persia. The Lord communicates through Zechariah the will to bring Israel out of Babylonian exile. Zechariah hears from the Lord through a vision (perhaps a dream since it was at night), where an angel presents God's comforting words that the nations have overstepped in their treatment of the Jewish people. So Israel will be brought out of those nations and rebuild the house of the Lord. Though God already opened this book with a call to Israel to “return to me” so that “I will return to you (Zechariah 1:2), the Lord has already promised to return Israel to the land. So it will happen. Just as God's “word and decrees” did overtake Israel's ancestors in coming to fruition long after they passed, so the Lord's word of mercy will overtake this generation in bringing God's people back to Jerusalem to restore the temple of God. That is the double-edged sword of God's word, it cuts and convicts with judgement that will reign over all generations, but also cuts our hearts with the undeserved mercy that will benefit God's people for generations untold. Praise God that His word overtakes and endures beyond all ancestors.