Romans 9:30-10:21, Psalm 51


Paul occasionally weaves together many ideas from his letters in a few words. Romans 10:4 offers such a summary when it says, “Christ is the culmination of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes.” A person is the culmination, the end, the goal, the pinnacle, the all-encompassing direction for the laws of God; and that person is Jesus. The purpose of the law is to prepare us for our complete need of Jesus and Jesus ensures all that believe, Jew and Gentile, can have the righteousness God demands. This summarizes much of what Paul has wanted to say about the Gospel, which is the power of God (Romans 1:16). In response to this Gospel we learn, “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9) What I just presented is a shortened version of what others call “The Romans road to salvation” playing on the old saying, “all roads lead to Rome”. This method of teaching the Gospel rests on the confidence that if someone were to believe the message of Romans, especially encapsulated in those few verses they could receive God's salvation through our Lord Jesus. On one level, this sort of presentation can be offered in a way that comes across as salesy or conveying to someone they can do a bare minimum of things and go to heaven forever. For those looking to pad their salvation and baptism statistics, this sort of presentation is very dangerous tool. On the other hand, it is good to have a scriptures readily available to help people understand that it genuinely is just faith, a faith that places one's hope completely in Christ's work while submits our lives to the reign of God, that saves us. To you, I simply say, it is good to have some scriptural references memorized if not the entire verses to either quote or reference for someone one has genuine desire to know what to do in response to the Gospel. In such situations Romans is always a good place to help someone start their journey of lifelong trust in the righteousness of Jesus.