Romans 11, Psalm 52


One of my delights in pastoral ministry is to be in the midst of writing a sermon, or even one of these very devotionals, and be so thrilled at what God is teaching me that I have a desire to fill my writings with exclamation marks, preach immediately, and sing for joy! God's goodness is so transparent that I just want people to join along in the thrill of declaring God's praises. I imagine Paul is experiencing something like this as he ends Romans 11 with an Old Testament laden declaration of the unknowable and deep wisdom of God. Prior to this outburst of praise, Paul has a back and forth discussion spanning Romans 11 concerning the repetitive rejection of God's prophets by the majority of Israel, culminating in many Jewish people rejecting God's messiah. This back and forth is concerned with answering the question: “Did God reject his people?” To this question, Paul answers confidently that God will welcome back many of His chosen people born in the line Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by making them jealous of the grace demonstrated towards the Gentiles at the cross of Christ. Paul can hardly contain himself seeing the wisdom of God throughout history in confounding Jewish pride, ensuring the Gentiles see their need for salvation, and thus extending grace to all the disobedient (Romans 11:32). To celebrate what God is teaching us in this theological tour de force that is Paul's letter to the Romans, lets exclaim, “Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!” (Romans 11:33)