Micah 1-3, Psalm 110


You might have heard someone make a statement like, “I don't believe in a God that judges harshly”. Surprisingly, during the days of Micah, while there were other prophets declaring God's judgement for Israel's sin, people were making similar claims. Micah's contemporaries were asking, “Does the Lord do become impatient?” and “Does He do such things?” (Micah 2:7) in response to warnings of prophesied disgrace. Did Israel forget how God judged Egypt, or the Canaanites, or the Philistines? Maybe Micah's audience believed those were just metaphors, or perhaps had spiritual amnesia. Either way, they doubted Micah or any prophet that declared God's righteous disdain for Israel wickedness. Today, people claim to trust the scriptures, but doubt God judges sin. Maybe we disbelieve the scriptures or ignore the prophets?