Matthew 6:19-7:29


Substituting for Pastor Jeremiah today is guest blogger Mollie H. Jesus is bringing His stunning discourse on kingdom living to a conclusion. He has instructed us how to live in truth and power. The kingdom changes everything about our everyday world. He illustrates an alluring idea; that of a treasure at once set aside as a promise and as a reality living within us. It is precious and of great worth. Think about what you treasure.  We make choices every day. Jesus tells us to pay attention to what governs our life. Perspective — how we see our lives — mean everything to God. Pursuing security in earthly treasures leaves a sense of lack that only His love will satisfy. He draws us to a vision of lilies, wild poppies of the East. Those who have seen a field of poppies dancing and swaying in the breeze will appreciate the sense of freedom, relaxation and joy that Jesus had in mind as being our true birthright. (E. Fox p103) How contrary to the worry and anxiety of the lesser things that steal our hearts! We must respond to His kingdom here and now. He beckons us to take the narrow road, cautions us about those who deceive us and bids us to remember we belong to Him for eternity.  Let us be faithful above all else; He has told us that we are His treasure!