Matthew 13:53-15:39, Psalm 137


Substituting for Pastor Jeremiah today is guest writer Josh L. Jesus was rejected in his hometown because the people did not believe that someone they had grown up with could speak and do miraculous things (Matthew 13:53-59). Jesus left the area he was in, but because of the miraculous things Jesus was doing, Herod heard about him. Herod believed that John the baptist had raised from the dead because Herod had John arrested and beheaded due to a promise he made to Herodias' daughter (Matthew 14:1-12). Jesus withdrew to a quiet place but had compassion on the people who followed him. This lead to him feeding five thousand using only two fish and five loaves of bread (v. 13-20). Peter steps out onto the Sea of Galilee in faith, but loses his focus on Jesus (who was already walking on water) when a storm arrives (v. 22-36). The Pharisees try to trap Jesus by asking why his disciples are allowed to break the commandments (Matthew 15:1-19). Jesus reveals the Canaanite woman's faith when she asks for her daughter's healing (v. 21-28). Jesus feeds four thousand and provided more than enough food for all the people there (v. 29-39). The underlying theme for this passage is faith. We have seen clearly throughout the text that Jesus can do miraculous wonders. Where in your life do you need to ask God for faith?