Mark 9:30-10:45, Proverbs 4


   When Jesus teaches against divorce (Mark 10:1-11), He does so on the basis of the creation order given by God when making male and female. Intentionally, Jesus doesn't argue the law of Moses, for he says the law allowing a certificate of divorce was given because of hard-heartedness, as a concession for sin. Jesus looks past the law, chronologically speaking, and notes a deeper truth written by God into the fabric of our created order and spoken to our first parents in Genesis 2. This will not be the last time those that follow Jesus note how, good as Moses' law is, there are events and scriptures preceding the law in time that can teach us even more about how we are to live before God. Pau,l for example, would argue that the promise to Abraham precedes the law given to Moses and is thus more binding on how God brings righteousness, peace, and salvation (see Galatians 3:14-25). I point this out to note that Jesus transformed the way we read the law and Old Testament scriptures, as of course they ultimately prepare us and train us to receive Jesus. Less importantly, but just as true, we are also taught to see God's truth for living not just in the commands found in the back half of Exodus and the book of Leviticus. Rather, we can even find what pleases God by looking all the way back to the garden of Eden.