Mark 8:22-9:29, Proverbs 3


The theme of discipleship failure in Mark is more complicated than simply showing a bunch of incidents where the disciples fail. For example, Peter is the first to declare Jesus as “messiah” (Mark 8:29) proving Peter's clarity on Jesus' person. But when Jesus foretells the crucifixion, Peter attempts to rebuke Jesus for having such foolish notions of how to behave as messiah. Jesus declares such behavior Satanic. Still Peter would soon be given access to Jesus in glory at the transfiguration, yet become hasty in wanting to lead the proceedings in this great unveiling. Discipleship is complicated, full of growth and clarity mixed with major sins and issues along the way. In all of this, Jesus is with these disciples, guiding them, teaching them, helping them learn from their mistakes and celebrating their faith. It is not all failure, for Jesus is at work. However, even with Jesus, this work takes time. When we are making disciples, we must be willing to take time with one another, trusting Jesus is still teaching us patiently through the Spirit. Jesus is still working with complicated folks, to the praise of God.