Mark 15, Proverbs 9


Mark is the shortest and least detailed of all the Gospels, and this second crucifixion narrative is similarly short. The most horrific day in human history, that is before the resurrection would days later transform the crucifixion's meaning, is told in the space of what would be about 3-4 of these blog posts. Mark had no desire to do anything but give bare facts that demonstrate the shame of this day: that Pilate and the Jewish officials would be so blind, that people would heap such abuse on Jesus. One thing Mark pays careful attention to mention is how Magdalene, Mary, and Salome were present to watch Jesus' worst moments, while the 12 are nowhere to be found. Since most people believe Mark to have been Peter's traveling companion the fact that Peter and the twelve are shown to be missing in Jesus' worst moments is absolutely astonishing. Why portray them in such a bad light if this isn't how it happened? The original apostles have completely abandoned Jesus. Thankfully Jesus will not abandon them, or us.