Mark 14, Proverbs 8


The pinnacle of discipleship failure occurs in Mark as Judas betrays Jesus, and Peter denies the Lord of nations. Judas would kill himself, while Peter would become a foundational apostle for God's church. Instead of discussing their unbelief, I want to highlight the fidelity of the woman anointing Jesus' head in Bethany. We are told that this jar of nard is very expensive and that she is questioned about the price tag. Of all the people surrounding Jesus this reveals she paid most attention to the teachings about the impending death of the Son of Man. Putting Jesus' teachings together she senses that Jesus' death is near. So she shows Jesus radical and extravagant hospitality. The disciples worry that this woman could have sold this perfume to help the poor. Jesus, however, notes this woman of all people will be remembered for recognizing the King by anointing Him with fragrant oil. Others we see tomorrow will be remembered for their evil by mockingly anointing Jesus “King of Jews” with a crown of thorns. May we like this woman pay careful attention to the words of Jesus that we too might be honored  by Jesus with eternal crowns of our own in due time (see Revelation 4:10-11, Revelation 3:11, James 1:12). Then we, like this woman, will pay Jesus honor by giving those crowns back to the only true Lord.