Mark 11:27-12:40, Proverbs 6:20-35


Jesus' parable of the tenants helps us to understand how Jesus sees the role of the Old Testament prophets. They are the ones, in this parable, that the vineyard owner (representing God) sends as emissaries of the Lord's rightful interest. They are mistreated and even killed. These prophets had been mistreated throughout much of Israel's history to the shame of God's chosen people and Israel's leaders. But the worst deed will come when Jesus' audience will slay the Jesus, the Son of God Himself like all the prophets that went before Him. How bold Jesus was to warn those who would seek to kill Him! He is becoming more transparent about His ultimate purpose to larger audiences as the time of the crucifixion nears. This last and most terrible act of Israel's leaders will not go without pardon, as the parable states. Certainly God will move in judgement against all those who reject and revile the messiah.. Thankfully, Jesus states that new tenants will replace the original ones (Mark 12:9). God will give stewards to a people not only in Abraham's biological line, but a new group of tenants from every nation, tribe, and tongue (Revelation 7:9). But this gift to the nations happens because the Son of God is unjustly slain, and has now become the cornerstone on which God is building up a new people, the church.