Luke 9:51-11:13, Proverbs 21


Jesus teaches the early disciples often how to be ready for opposition and difficulty. Our Lord anticipates that following Him as a disciple will make us like “lambs among wolves.” (Luke 10:3) One of Jesus' central preparations for followers is that we aren't to retaliate to evil with similar evil. When going up to Jerusalem, the apostles saw their messiah ridiculed and they asked Jesus if they should call fire from the sky, Jesus forbids such action. Even with unlimited power, Jesus refused the temptation to use such power to do harm to the wicked, at least at this stage in ministry. When we follow Jesus, be prepared for opposition, and to meet such antagonism with love. Of course the cross paves the way for us in such behavior as Jesus saves us as our King willingly faces human persecution and injustice to give life and peace forever.