Luke 9:1-50, Proverbs 20


So far, Jesus has done a great deal in fulfilling promises to set captives free and declare the year of the Lord's favor. As Luke 9 begins, Jesus commissions the apostles to do similar works (Luke 9:1-2). Like with their Master, these disciples will learn that many will receive their good news and good-ness with gladness, even while others will remain opposed. Unlike their master, their ability to grasp, teach about, and walk according to the burgeoning Kingdom of God is complicated by personal sin, struggles, doubts, and divisions. These apostles lack faith in God's abilities (Luke 9:10-14), are unable to perform commissioned miracles (Luke 9:37-43), misunderstand Jesus' teaching about His imminent death (Luke 9:44-45), and are embroiled in competition.  No matter, Jesus is with them, and that is always what matters most. For whenever Jesus is moving for a group of people, everyone is amazed (Luke 9:42-43)! This is true, even when we have painful, embarrassing, or frustrating shortcomings.