Luke 6:12-49, Proverbs 17


Christians adore Jesus for more reasons than could be stated in thousands of pages. Jesus' life was unique in all of its perfections. He was good to the outcast, healed the hurting, and offers life to all that will believe. Certainly Jesus is more than an example, but certainly He is the model for all humanity. Consider then how important time with God the Father was for Jesus, and thus ought to be for those who follow Jesus' path. Luke 4 tells of how Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness praying, while in the midst of a great temptation. I wonder if perhaps those who have tried to labor in prayer for some time come to avoid extended praying in isolation because they have learned the great temptations and battles that come from focused prayer. Certainly Jesus' wilderness prayer and temptation seem very different than our ideals of praying in serenity near a calm lake, or some other similar ideal of “quiet time”. Jesus again, in our passage, spends important time in prayer, this time on a mountain for an entire night before choosing 12 disciples, from amongst followers, to be apostles. Though Jesus could easily access the necessary knowledge to make these picks, our Lord wanted time with the Father. Do we want time with God like this? Better, do we really want to be like Jesus? Our time attending to prayer, a prayer that is sometimes loud and filled with temptations, is necessary for our walk with God.