Luke 18:31-19:44, Proverbs 26


Zaccheus demonstrates the life-changing power of Jesus. Famous for his short stature, Zacchaeus climbs a tree just to see the One one others are calling Messiah. Jesus always has an eye out for those like Zacchaeus  that others exclude, for besides being small, he is also a hated-tax collector. Tax-collectors have never been popular, but I assure you they were particularly reviled in Israel during Jesus' day. Collectors were seen as traitors, for they would collect exorbitant taxes for enemy Rome and often add incredibly high fees for their work. Their work was crippling, and for many Jews that looked towards the day Rome would be overthrown, those like Zacchaeus were considered spineless examples of the failure of God's chosen people. So for the messiah to offer to come eat with Zacchaeus would be a shock to this reviled man, and infuriating to those who detested him. Obviously the fruit of Zacchaeus' reversal in giving such great sums to the poor, more than compensating for losses, shows Jesus' power to change hearts. This so validates Jesus' affection for the worst of sinners. So do not grow weary in loving those others reject, for we cannot always see clearly what Jesus will do through a sinner that repents.