John 2:13-3:36, Proverbs 3


What good thing can come out of Nazareth? John 3:16 answers that question definitively: God's Son and the Savior of the world did come from that small town. For one to be saved, they must be born again as Jesus tells Nicodemus (John 3:3). To be born again and avoid the condemnation of God, one must believe in the Son (John 3:17-18). John 3 needs to be in every Christians strategy for sharing the Gospel. I would argue no one chapter in the Bible explains more, in simple terms, how we can enjoy God's salvation. Today, I encourage you to read this chapter again and imagine how this chapter could be useful in sharing the Gospel. Many of us would do well to have a few chapters in the Bible that we could open up, to have a neighbor read and discuss.  Consider having someone who is far from God to read this chapter to you, explain it for you and see if they might find the rebirth that grants us access to the Kingdom of God and eternal life. Since God loved the world in this way, by sending the one and Only Son, let's show the world that Son through the word.