John 16, Psalm 16


By God's grace, lot of attention is being paid to the one Jesus calls in John's Gospel “The Helper” (aka Paraklete). This word paints a clear picture of how the Spirit works to help Jesus, the Father, and us. The Spirit, as we read in Luke enabled Jesus' ministry. The Spirit takes Jesus' message and gives it to the disciples (John 16:13). Jesus is even glorified, meaning made to look wonderful in the eyes of many, with the Spirit's help (John 1614). When people love Jesus like Jesus deserves, God's Spirit is involved, for the “eyes of sinful flesh thy glory may not see.” So when people claim to be Spirit-filled, their love of Jesus and holding fast to Jesus' words like a life-preserver should mark their lives. The Spirit even takes what the Father gives to Jesus to present to us, thus the Spirit is helper to both Father and Son. Without a doubt, then, we should desire to be Spirit-filled, and recognize that worship will be the ultimate evidence of the Spirit's presence in our lives. This worship will be fostered by and drenched with the words of our Lord that give life and freedom to all that believe. For “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17) as the Spirit is the one who gives life (Romans 8:2).