John 10:22-42, Psalm 10


Jesus makes some interesting comments about gods while justifying His own claim to be God. This happens, after the Pharisees recognize, again, Jesus is claiming to be equal with God. In turn, they wish to stone our Lord to death. In response Jesus reminds them of Psalm 82, where human rulers are ironically called “god”. Or at least Psalm 82 describes humans as “gods' in similar sense to how we use the word lords, with the lower-case. Jesus' point isn't that all people are somehow divine. Rather, Jesus points out that the scriptures give special designation even to wicked human authorities. Therefore, Jesus declares how much more willing they should be to receive Jesus as equal to God given that Jesus is the unique Son of God chosen before the beginning of time. Jesus' argument is a bit circular. Perhaps it is better to state Jesus isn't really making an argument, but highlighting how blind their rage makes them, and how they refuse to believe both God's word and God's Word. However, there were also those who believed in Jesus in that day (John 10:42). May we also be those that believe in Jesus as God of all things. For that is what it means to believe in Jesus, to believe in His person and in what He claimed about Himself.