Joel 3, Psalm 100


The general experience for a person in the United States is to have moderate levels of abundance, at least when we consider human history and our entire globe. Most of us don't worry whether we can buy groceries this week, albeit for various reasons. Thus it is hard for us to get as excited about promises for mountains to drip with wine, and having hills flow with milk (Joel 3:18). After all, our grocery stores flow with these things. The message of Joel, to a people that could be devastated by a bad crop, was that after their time of devastation due Israel's wickedness, those days of scarcity would be a distant memory. We can relate to this hope, as we still worry about paying the bills, and whether our job will  be available next year, or whether we will enough retirement saving. Joel promises all such concerns will be far removed from the conscious of those that have been faithful to the Lord. Though the final day of the Lord comes first, our hope is steadfastly fixed on the day where milk and wine will flow on God's mountain