James 3:1 - 4:12


By Brandon Ash With the same mouth we pray to God and praise His mighty works yet curse the work of His hands and the people He has created. The tongue is said to be a world of evil among the parts of the body and we are encouraged to be wise in the words we speak. How often does our tongue get away from us? Too regularly I'm sure. Instead of cursing our brothers and speaking evil we are to exhibit wisdom in how we speak and are encouraged to be a blessing to all. A challenge for us each day that often has a relative degree of success. However we can find success in the Lord Jesus and His work! He was a blessing for us all while we cursed and jeered Him on the cross. The more you dive into this reality the more amazing THIS sort of love becomes. He left an example of humble submission when He blessed us in such a way. It's through our submission to God that we come to find the success that we are craving. It is through the act of humbling ourselves that we are blessed with knowledge and understanding to move forward in our life with wisdom. Submit to God and He promises to respond. Make yourself low and He will lift you up.