James 1:19 -2:26


Brandon Ash Do we half-heartedly listen to the Lord or are we actively seeking to put into action all that we have heard? We are bombarded by messages daily telling us to buy, consume, and hoard; yet Scripture tells us to listen to the message that gives freedom and life. We are regularly told to love our neighbors as ourselves but what does that look like in our lives? Do we ignore the unkempt individual on the train yet fall all over ourselves to get the attention of the person in the $2,000 suit? As the people of God we ought to be putting into action the great love that we ourselves bear witness to in our own lives. Do we love unconditionally or are we continually putting requirements on to whom and how we love? Because the truth of the matter is that only love full of mercy and grace will do. This great love that Jesus shows us each day anew is one that we are called to respond to in faith and in deeds brothers. To hear the call of the Lord and respond with radical, transformative love is our aim each day. Giving our time, our love, our attention, or simply giving a helping hand to those we call neighbors is our call; to follow through with our faith in the Lord and to help transform lives and the world through our deeds.