James 1:1-18 & Psalm 133


By Scott Arnold James begins his letter by talking about difficult truths. Consider it joy when things are difficult and painful! The man with much should embrace humiliation, and the man with nothing should boast in exaltation. If you think back on your life, remembering your highs and lows, you should realize the beautiful truth in this passage. The time I grew the most was one of the most difficult times in my life. I went from a place of having much, to having very little. In this, though, bulwarks of pride and envy were broken down. God gave me not the wisdom I imagined but the wisdom I needed. James wants us to embrace trials, and to endure them well. He cautions us not to blame God for them, nor to doubt that God will carry us through. There is an end to every trial. Even if the trials endure every second until your final day, there is the crown of life and final, glorious rest in God when Jesus returns to judge the earth. Today, pray for wisdom, and rely on God's strength to keep running the race in front of you.