Hosea 9:10-10:15, Psalm 93


Hosea 10:1 tells of that Israel was fruitful and prosperous, which led to them using their prosperity for idolatry and wickedness. In a few words we are presented with a revelation that has been proved over and over in human history. We don't handle prosperity very well. Though many of us assume while we are in our struggles, like financial hardships, or difficult workplaces that if God would just put us in a better spot, we would do more to honor the Lord. The truth is, as Israel shows, it takes great grace to handle times of plenty and remain true to our God. Sure, poverty doesn't necessarily do us any favors either (Proverbs 30:8). But to stay on point, we must abolish from our mind any idea that good circumstances leads to greater faith. On the contrary, our tendency in times of success is to give ourselves credit for what God has done. Since it is true that prosperity doesn't lead to stronger faith and vital obedience, let us pursue God, or rather receive God's pursuit with joy no matter how much is in our piggy banks or how well we like our neighborhood.