Hosea 3:1-5:7, Psalm 90


Infidelity is the theme of our reading today. Rather, infidelity in light of painstaking fidelity is the main focus. Hosea's call from God to take Gomer back at cost to himself from out of prostitution sets the stage for God's descriptions of Israel's infidelity and the patience the Lord will show. Many are offended at the depiction of disloyalty and comparing it to prostitution, but the Old Testament writers do not hesitate to draw this parrallel. Even today, in our sexually promiscuous culture, the idea of a woman who has sufficient finances prostituting herself while married to an honorable and good man with whom she has children would still be considered by many a great evil. It always been seen this way, by the grace of God. Also by the grace of God, the Lord communicates how great our evil is through this imagery, that we might see the grace of our King. Like Hosea brings Gomer back, so God will bring those called by His name into right relationship with Him.