Hosea 1-2, Psalm 89


God has asked prophets in past reading to take dramatic action to demonstrate the Lord's work and character before the eyes of Israel. Jeremiah carried his yoke, and Ezekiel laid in the same area for an extended period of time. God hasn't asked anyone to do what YHWH asks Hosea to do. God calls Hosea to marry a promiscuous woman, someone who is unreliable and unfaithful. So Hosea married Gomer, and together they had children. Then God calls Hosea to give names to his three children that would be a sign to Israel of how YHWH relates to them. But what it would it be like to go to school and be called “not loved” and “not my people”? Through Hosea's family and the particulars of these dramatic actions, God is showing Israel who have they have been (unfaithful) and how God should relate to them (without love and rejecting them as a people). But like Hosea could name a child “not loved” and still show her love, so God will show Israel love even though she doesnt deserve it. Wrapped in God's harsh words, are words of tenderness and provision for the future. Though none of us would like to be called to do what Hosea does, he does get a unique perspective on the radical love of God.