Hosea 11:1-11, Psalm 94


God declares love for Israel expressed in founding her as a nation and calling her out of Egypt (Hosea 11:1). We know that God called Israel as a people through Isaac and Abraham to fulfill a vocation to make God known and thus be a blessing to the nations. Yet Israel failed in this calling just like Adam and Eve before the fall of creation. Hosea 11:2-11 highlights Israel's many evils, intentionally contrasting their deeds to God having called them out of Egypt by great works. The particulars of Hosea 11:1-11 are important to remember when we read in the Gospel of Matthew the direct quote from Hosea 11:1, “Out of Egypt I Called my son” (Matthew 2:15) In Matthew, Joseph took Mary and Jesus as a child to Egypt to avoid Herod until Herod's death. So when Matthew claims that scripture is fulfilled in Jesus going down to Egypt we need to understand something of what it means for Jesus to fulfill scripture. In Hosea, Israel is the son God takes out of Egypt prior to set aside for the work of making God's glory manifest. So in Matthew, Jesus is being intentionally portrayed as doing and being what Israel refused to do and be. God called Jesus out of Egypt just like Israel, but Jesus would not fail to bring the light of God to the nations. Praise be the Lord.