Hebrews 9:1 - 10:18, Psalm 127


By Scott Arnold I could never imagine what it was like to be a priest. Daily, one would offer sacrifices for themselves and the people. Not only did they have to sacrifice for the sins you knew, but the sins you'd have no clue about! It would feel like an endless struggle, with no victory. Yet it was symbolic, pointing toward the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus. The author of Hebrews shows us how the old tabernacle (which the recipients would have been very familiar with) was an image of what had now come in Jesus. The blood of goats and calves could only purify for some time, but Jesus' blood purified us forever. The earthly tabernacle and the old covenant were not useless wastes of time. Those that were faithful were rewarded with physical blessings, but more importantly, also a picture of what Christ would do. The beauty of God's work is that everything that is done by God points us to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, an act of will that was not mandated nor deserved. Take some time to look up the earthly tabernacle and meditate on how Jesus revealed the perfect one.