Hebrews 8, Psalm 126


God is perfect and always remains the same. It seems odd, then, to suggest that some of God's works in space and time have been improved upon. The covenants given to Israel through Abraham and David, not to mention the law given to Moses were good. Yet those good gifts are inferior to the new covenant given through Christ. The law distinguished Israel from surrounding nations, but the Lord recognized their distinction as a people did not lead them to live Holy lives as God requires. Thus God's promise quoted in Hebrews as fulfilled and given through the prophet Jeremiah that our Lord will “put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts” (Hebrews 8:10) is truly transformative. There is a difference between such a law written on the hearts of those that love God and everyone's God given conscience. For God to write laws on our hearts doesn't mean that we now know what we didn't know before about right and wrong, Rather, our desires and inclinations to obey have been changed. The heart is the seat of human desires. So for the law to be on our hearts means that before Christ, the people of God obeyed for primarily for blessings or out fear of curses. Today, that is in this age after the cross-resurrection event, we obey out of love. For we are both aware of being objects of sacrificial love which leads us to delight in reciprocating the Agape of God. This particular work of God in Christ, is unlike those that have gone before. It will not be improved upon by another covenant, for the covenant of the cross is God's supreme work in history.