Hebrews 13, Psalm 131


By Dennis Hong To obey is better than sacrifice I don't need your money I want your life And I hear you say that I'm coming back soon But you act like I'll never return -Keith Green It is interesting to note that the subtitle in my Bible for Hebrews 13 is “Sacrifices Pleasing to God”. This chapter mainly focuses on how we are to conduct our behavior in different spheres of life. Verses 1-3 lay out how we should treat those we interact with others. Verses 4-6 addresses our private lives. Verses 7-9 details the religious arena of our lives. All three section direct our service of Christ. As we follow our Lord, we are to live a righteous life, love, and bless those around us. Jesus calls us to hospitality, to purity, and to live for God. We are called to focus on Christ and to become like him. In doing this, we find the strength to offer fitting sacrifices. It is walking by faith like this that God is pleased, “for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” (v.16)