HEBREWS 10: 19-39, PSALM 128


By Mollie Hassett It seems impossible that after all we have done that there should be any hope. I imagine countless believers have felt this way. We get distracted, we don't measure up, just stuck and overwhelmed. The world we live in is difficult. We forget that Jesus has done it all as our redeemer and priest. We are part of a grand and beautiful narrative. It's a compelling reality! The author of Hebrews calls us to remember. This epistle is profound, it stirs our imagination to see the tabernacle and Jesus as our high priest, the curtain is open, we are invited to draw near to God. These words are an immeasurable comfort to me; such a sense of belonging and grace. I kneel in gratitude for the love of Jesus. I am encouraged by the command to hold fast to my confession and to consider the strength and power of community bound together by faith. The book of Hebrews elevates all who submit to its exhortations. Our faith deepens as we face personal and corporate challenges amid a world steeped in apostacy. This is our heritage. God has provided what we need: we are loved, we have received the truth and therefore must persevere. We are to stop sinning, look to our Savior, the one who has made all things new “We are not those who shrink back but those who have faith and preserve our souls” Jesus is with us, praying over us and standing faithfully by our side.