Habakkuk, Psalm 115


Habakkuk twice questions God on the justice of letting the righteous struggle, while the prosperous prevail. Babylon is Habakkuk's main concern as they conquer Judah. God has different priorities in answering the question. God affirms that Babylon will be held to account, just like every other people that does evil (Habakkuk 2:6-12). But the Lord wants Habakkuk to see that what's most important isn't what God does with the folly of human evil, for their works are only going to be destroyed and will prove that evildoers have exhausted themselves for nothing (Habakkuk 2:13). God's main desire is that His glory fill the earth like water the seas (2:14). When you look around and see the wicked prospering, yes it is good to remember the justice of God. More importantly, we should remember that God's glory, and our satisfaction will one day push out every evil deed, and through faith we will inherit the beauty of seeing God's majesty. Let's not be worried about the successes of evildoers, but be obsessed with God's glory being known, for our satisfaction comes when God's mission is our delight.