Ezekiel 47-48, Psalm 75


Ezekiel 47 begins with a description of a river flowing from the promised future temple, which gives water to vegetation capable of healing disease. This imagery at the end of Ezekiel is also present at the end of our Bible, in Revelation 22. There, a river flows from the throne of God and nourishes the tree of life growing on all sides of the river, which gives healing to the nations. The point is clear in both Ezekiel and Revelation. Where God dwells with the prince, where a new temple (God and the Lamb) will be a place that extends healing beyond its walls. Restoration will characterize the new throne of God and the blessings of God's presence will reach everywhere this water goes. Ezekiel is painting a global picture of Israel's future, promising that one day they will enjoy all the promises God has made to their people and the world will enjoy God's promises kept. The best promise of all is that this city, Jerusalem restored, will be called by a new name: “The Lord is There”. Nothing could be better, for as we see, problems come from Israel when God's presence can no longer endure human evil. In this temple, God's presence will drive away evil and its necessary consequences for good. Ezekiel ends like our Bible, with promises of our eternal good if we will trust in the Lord.