The word apocalypse is the greek word for revelation. Though the Old Testament is written in Hebrew, many scholars argue by the time of the exilic prophets and throughout the time of second Temple Judaism, many Jewish writers and teachers were steeped in what has been called an apocalyptic mindset. That is, many believed God's revelation about the future and God's hidden work in the present moment revealed in various ways absolutely transforms our everyday lives. Consider how this way of thinking is reflected in God's revelation of the prince and other princes that will dwell in the new temple without oppressing anyone (Ezekiel 45:8). Immediately after God reveals the future prince's work, God beckons Israel's current “princes” to lead in justice. Since God's great messianic prince will rule in righteousness and equity, so Israel's current leaders should follow suit, or better, precede the better prince's work by walking according to his ways. As believers, we should adopt the same mindset. For example the apostle Paul tells us we are already seated in the heavens at the right hand of the Father, in Christ (Ephesians 2:1-7). In one obvious sense, we are still here on earth. But in another more powerful sense, because of Christ in us, we are given the same access to the Father in prayer, by the power of the Spirit that Jesus enjoys. God's revelation of Jesus' work and the revelation of our future, absolutely transforms our lives today. May we live today in light of God's various apocalypses about God's delight in Jesus and the consummation that awaits us at the end of all things.