Ezekiel 40, Psalm 71


Just as Ezekiel's prophecy about Gog and Magog looks toward the future, so today's vision of a temple restored looks forward to God's better future. If you will recall, at the beginning of this book, G0d transported Ezekiel to see a vision of God departing the temple in judgement against Judah and her wicked leaders. Now Ezekiel will begin to detail at the end of his book what the restored Temple will mean for God's people one day. Over our next few readings, I will analyze a few options for what Ezekiel's descriptions mean for Israel's future, but let me just say today that as judgement against evil nations is part of God's future plans, so God's restoration also includes grace and mercy forever. After chapter upon chapter of judgement against those peoples that have established themselves as God's enemies, let's rejoice that as friends, God also has restoration and peace in mind for us.