EZEKIEL 35-36:15, PSALM 68


In ancient cosmology mountains were a region's holy place and considered representative of a people's power. So when the Bible speaks of Mt. Zion, it is often seen as a place where Judah draws special strength from God. So when God commands Ezekiel to speak against Mt. Seir and promises blessing for the mounts of Israel, God will reverse the fortunes of both nations represented by these mountains God will strengthen the people of Israel whose entire land and even their mountains have been utterly ransacked. Mt. Seir, on the other hand, representing the pride of Edom will be desolate and the people brought low. God's eschatological work is described at times in scripture is laying the hills low (see Isaiah 40:4). Mountains are God's creation and are beautiful places. But they also can represent our pride. The judgement of God God will confound the pride of every people or nation that places its trusts in anything, even the strength of their mountains, above the Lord of the nations. May we draw our the true King of Zion, whose heavenly mountain cannot be leveled and has infinite and abundant strength (see Romans 11:26).