Ezekiel 33, Psalm 66


Our world is in need of so much security of various kinds that we don't relate  to the idea of one or two watchmen keeping eyes on the horizon for invading armies. We have, border control, radar, cyber-security and a million different fail safes in place. Still, think about how horrible it would be for someone working in air traffic control to say nothing after noticing two planes are on a collision course because of miscommunication.  Even that would be less evil than to be a watchman and to fail to warn others of impending doom. God tells Ezekiel he is like a watchman, knowing the truth of Judah's evil and the judgement God will bring. Ezekiel must speak the truth, Ezekiel must warn. The truth is, we are ambassadors of God's reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:17-21) and have a greater truth to share than even warning of invading armies. For us, telling the truth about God's creation purpose for humanity and desire to give us life everlasting is at stake, not to mention divine punishment. We are God's watchmen (and women). Let us take seriously the task of alerting the world to God's good news.