Ezekiel 31-32, Ezekiel 65


Ezekiel's words to Pharaoh tells of foreign Assyria's greatness by describing them as a towering cedar. However, this cedar will be felled by “the ruler of the nations” (Ezekiel 31:11). ¬†Ezekiel then makes clear that Egypt will fall like Assyria. This “ruler of the nations” is Babylon as we know from context and other similar biblical statements about Babylon's identity in this era. Jeremiah and Ezekiel spend a lot of time prophesying the destruction of these nations. So what do we do with this seeming onslaught of God's prophesied judgement? First, we repent of our pride, refusing to believe we have impunity from God's judgement as a people. We must also reject any hope outside of the grace of God that we will meet a different fate than these nations. Sin will be judged, and God will not be mocked. Finally, we must praise the Lord God almighty that Jesus bore the sins of all the world (Colossians 1:18-20). For divine judgement is what we deserve, but reconciliation is what we receive.