Daniel 6, Psalm 83


When Daniel is in the den of lions, God sends his angel to protect Daniel. Now if you will recall, when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into a furnace, there was a fourth person in the fire with them. It serves to reason that Daniel's angel would have been the same person, and very likely the “angel of the Lord”. Of course, if that is the identity of the one in the fire, then that seems to exclude the possibility that a pre-incarnate visitation of God the Son occurred in Daniel 3. We must not move too fast. If you will recall, when we read earlier in the scriptures about the angel of the Lord, we noted that some speculate even this angel is actually a pre-incarnate visitation of the second person of the Trinity. The word angel simply means a messenger of God, and of course could refer to one among the spiritual beings, angels. Elsewhere, though, angel can refer to John the Baptist (Matthew 11:10) and church messengers (see Revelation 1-3). Why make mention of all this? Because I think it is interesting, and even speculation, so long as we acknowledge it is speculation, helps us make some sense of the pieces of the Bible. No matter how we piece together the angel of the Lord and the figure(s?) that appear with the exilic Jewish leaders, we can note that God is with His people “in the fiercest trial and storm.” Even if we disagree on some details, the story of scriptures main drive is to send us back into the Father's embrace through the blood shed on Calvary. Let us heed the word then, and enjoy that God is with us, even in the fire and even in the den of lions.