Amos 8-9, Psalm 106


Like other prophets, Amos mostly writes about Israel's evil, and God's requisite wrath. Amos, also spends a few words writing about Israel's hope of returning to their land after exile. The truth is, though Amos ends his book with promises from God for Israel's restoration, the majority of the book isn't so gladenning. Such was the world before Jesus. There were hundreds of reasons to be dour and few reasons to be optimistic for the future. God's revelation, at least as understood in time and space, was that Israel through covenant faithfulness with YHWH should have reflected the glory of the God of the universe. This plan seemed to be a tragic failure. Still, in audacity, these prophets could name all of Israel's problems, and still confidently proclaim God's desire to restore Israel. As we finish Amos, we can learn what God loathes far removed from the punishment for such crimes and also appreciate that we are heirs of the promises of God. We are also heirs of the lessons Israel learned, and the warnings given by God through faithful servants like Amos. Praise be to God.