Amos' words, “I was neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet” (Amos 7:14) have become famous words used by many claiming authority comes not from birth nor station in life, but our calling by and knowledge about God. Amos, after speaking about God's plumb line of judgement is denounced by Israel's wicked king Jeroboam as being a nobody. Amos doesn't deny it. Instead, he claims his authority has nothing to do with the fact he isn't a prophet and was only a lowly shepherd. Rather God gives authority to Amos by speaking through Him. Whatever authority we have comes only because we stand on and are formed by God's words. When we stand on this authority, we can bring the great news that scripture offers. But as Amos shows, we also have the authority to declare God's judgement, so long as it is God's judgement. So, this week, it doesn't matter if you are a prophet or the son of a prophet, you can still declare God's counsel with authority, for true power is conveyed by God alone.